Feel the feeling of love with these great songs by Darshan Raval

7 Darshan Raval’s Songs To Feel That You’re In Love

The current star of the music industry, Darshan Raval was truly born to impress. His mellifluous voice has made everyone go crazy for him. A multi-talented singer, composer, and not to miss also a lyricist who is also a fantastic dancer and actor. A little dosage of Darshan Raval is all one needs to make their days get better. His incredible vocal cords have managed not just to steal hearts but also to make everyone insane.

Though it was his romantic heartbreak hit that got Darshan Raval into the limelight, his musical journey had commenced way before that. He had impressed and made everyone his fans since his days as a contestant on a reality show India’s Raw stars. He surely has made a considerable name known for his heavenly romantic and sad tracks.

If you want to experience falling in love, the bubbly feeling in your stomach and you are continually smiling for no reason, then here are some of the best Darshan Raval’s records that will make you fall in love, and if you are single, then make your experience how much you are missing being a single one.

Dil Mera Blast

Ye Baarish


Asal Mein


Tere Naal

Phir Mohabbat

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