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A few fun Darshan Raval songs we can listen to

7 Darshan Raval’s Songs to vibe on during the quarantine

Binge-watching could get boring. But listening to music could never be. Sitting in our balcony eyes closed, song blasting through our earphones and cold breeze blowing to our face. Well, can anything get any more amazing? No hurting our eyes but calming our minds and souls with some good music.

Darshan Raval could be the perfect escort for such good noon. His amazing voice has already got us all captivated and right now at quarantine who else’s voice could fit the perfect playlist as his? If you ever listen to Darshan Raval sing the guy is magnificent and his songs are truly calming.

Be it break-up or a party song, Darshan Raval songs are always the perfect fit. The boy is born to be a huge star one day and right now he is on that amazing journey of becoming one of the other elite singers with such a remarkable voice.

Here are a few of Darshan Raval tracks to help you go through quarantine and make you feel you are not the only one

Bhula Dunga

Bhula Diya

Asal Mein

Dil Mera Blast


Tu Mileya

Kaash Aisa Hota

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