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Here are the top 7 duet songs of Justin Bieber. Check them out!

7 Justin Bieber Duets That You Can’t Do Without!

The Canadian pop singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber has recently launched his brand new album, Changes (2020) which has made everyone got excited with the tracks and the beats. The whole world of him appreciates his biggest hits, from Baby (2010) to Yummy (2020). One can easily listen to his tracks on loop, even without getting bored. He has also collaborated with other artists and released some duo songs.

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Here are them!

1.      Beauty and a Beat with Nicki Minaj (2013)

2.      Baby with Ludacris (2010)

3.      Intentions with Quavo (2020)

4.      Let Me Love You with DJ Snake (2016)

5.      I Don’t Care with Ed Shereen (2019)

6.      Never Say Never with Jaden Smith (2009)

7.      All I Want For Christmas Is You with Mariah Carey (2011)

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