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Darshan Raval is the heartthrob of the music industry. Not just for his good looks but mesmerizing voice as well

7 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval a boy from Ahmedabad, Gujarat went off to become a hit singer for the whole nation. Though he began as a contestant, real fame came his way after he released his first single Tera Zikr, which received more than a hundred million views.

Here are a few things that make Darshan Raval people’s favorite.

Darshan Raval is a delightful kind-hearted guy. He is always in touch with his fans. Many times he has been seen interacting with them.

Darshan Raval makes each of his concerts more lively with his spirited performances. He always keeps the crowd engaged with energetic tracks.

Mostly Darshan Raval connects with his fans because he got into the industry all by himself. With his sheer talent and not with any godfather. This leads to him being more relatable to the audience.

Humble and gentle are two of the most prominent qualities that distinguish him from others in the industry.

What’s not to adore in this handsome fellow? If you look into his Instagram account, you will see a number of his posts that are major fashion inspiration.

Darshan has also given some primary vacation goals with his vacay snaps that are hard to miss.

Last but not least, Darshan Raval is a spectacular dancer and actor. If you watch his music videos, they are the proof.

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