Darshan Raval and his love songs will make your date a perfect night to remember

7 Romantic Darshan Raval’s Songs To Make Your Day Perfect

Planning of going on a date? Well, how about a dim light surrounding and a candle burning on the table a perfect dream date anyone could have ever wished for right? Well, aren’t we forgetting something? Good music yes! It has to be there a necessity to make the mood going and couples clicking.

Who else could be a better option than Darshan Raval and his amazing hit love songs that are just too good and would make the date a perfect one? He has a voice kissed by angels and so it gets very melodic and hard to resist. So if you wish to get the mood on then here are perfect Darshan Raval’s tracks that are just perfect romantic numbers.

Tu Dua Hai

Pehla Varsad,

Tu Mileya,

Hawa Banke,


Kheech Meri Photo,

Do Din

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