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7 Most Searched Darshan Raval’s Songs On YouTube

Darshan Raval has our hearts not just because of his voice but also as he writes his tracks and composes those and not to forget his fashion sense that has given significant goals. He is always a master blaster whenever it is him in front of the crowd. His voice has been ruling the charts with his hit voice that is driving us all crazy.

Darshan Raval’s heavy voice makes his songs seem very mature, and so they are fun listening to. It is genuinely said, not your marks but your true abilities and skills are what makes you count. Though his father always wanted him to be a civil servant, he chased his dreams and became a well-acclaimed singer. Also at his auditions at Raw Star, he had everyone stop and mesmerized by his voice.

Darshan Raval has sung numerous songs making us dance on his beats to cry rivers on them. He has also made several singles and were massive hits. And so has received tremendous love from his supporters. Here are a few of his most-watched tracks




Tera Zikr

Dil Mera Blast

Kaash Aisa Hota

Bhula Diya

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