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Darshan Raval is all set to take over the music industry with his charms and vocals. And here are 8 amazing proofs:

8 Darshan Raval’s most memorable songs, see full list

The guy to have done an incredible job in giving us perfect moody playlist worthy songs is no other than Darshan Raval. The guy is all armored up to win the hearts in the industry with his voice and his face is already working the wonders.

Not every singer has it in them to give us a perfect song that will get us dreaming of painting the town red or just relate when sad. But Darshan Raval has a great voice when it is him and his melodic songs. He is the perfect vocal king of the industry. Always so full of energy and lively pulls us towards him unknowingly.

Here are top 8 of his hit tracks:

Tera Zikr

Shab Tum Ho

Tere Siva

Tu Dua Hai

Nayan Ne

Do Din

Ye Baarish

Dhoka Dhadi

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