The K-pop band Blackpink is one of the most loved all across the globe. The quartet band of four girls, Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rose; That being said, the group also keeps it quite dynamic on social media, followed by gorgeous posts every now and then. While it’s needless to say, all the four members of the team have earned their separate fanbase, and Lisa is on the top of the list.

Talking of Lisa, the diva keeps it vibrant and surreal with her engaging posts on social media. That being said, the star vocalist shared a picture from South Korea as she poses with a gorgeous blooming tree, looking elegant in her striped blue blazer coat, along with minimal makeup and blonde hair.

Talking of Korean pop, it’s needless to say, Squid Game got popular too after got released on Netflix. With that, Anupam Tripathi, the Indian actor who shot to fame with his work in the film, also shared some not to miss moments in front of a similar blooming tree, looking all dapper in her casual avatar.

Here take a look-