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Darshan Raval has been giving us many chartbusters and songs that are were hard to choose and rank one best than the other. From Asak Mein and Mehrama, tell us which according to you is the best

Asal Mein vs Mehrama: Rate Best Darshan Raval Song?

Darshan Raval has been known to hit the note differently. He is the one to tried hands-on songs from many different genres. And is the most energetic and versatile singer in the town. He is always filled with enthusiasm and passion full of energy to rock the charts.

Asal Mein is the song by Darshan Raval that was released just a week back and has got almost 45 million views on YouTube. Isn’t that something to talk about? Listening to this song will give you goosebumps and the pain that Darshan has portrayed will make you remember your ex (maybe something you never had).

Mehrama was sung by Darshan Raval for the movie Love Aaj Kal. A very heart touching song. This song received a lot of love and appreciation from the masses. Every word from the lyrics of this song will hit you differently. And something that you can feel and relate to.

Tell us which amongst these two songs is your favorite. Asal Mein or Mehrama. Vote Now

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