Tips and tricks from Blackpink girls to enhance your looks and make-up

Beauty Lessons Learnt From BLACKPINK Girls Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, And Lisa

Since the Blackpink girls have had a collaboration with Selena Gomez, we can’t help but look at their make-up and perfect fashion coordination. The adorable pastel outfits or bad girl vibing leather look, the girls have always had a way of impressing the audience and playing their card with fashion. Also, when it comes to make-up, they are gorgeous, but there are a few bits and pieces that we have picked and will be sharing that need to be followed.

Let’s look into those precious beauty and fashion secrets that could be learned, especially the ones that can be easily stolen and recreated. Till now, when it comes to beauty, we have always preferred minimal make-up trends. But if you look close, the Blackpink girls always opt for natural. From brows to lashes, they try to keep it simple, stealing the attention with bold lipstick.

Colour doesn’t have to be limited to clothing. The Blackpink girls opt for a pastel color and add fun colors to their nails and eyes, stealing the show. They sometimes also match the whole look from head to toe, going pink or blue. There are many fashion cues to learn from the girlies only if you pay attention close enough.