Some underrated tracks by Darshan Raval that deserves a mention

The Best Darshan Raval Songs You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone loves Darshan Raval. He is a very successful one enjoyed by all. A boy to have come to such immense greatness and popularity. His songs have always been a huge hit and topped the charts. The heartbeat tracks still hit home, and so Darshan Raval’s heartbreak songs are perfect for every post-breakup tantrum one goes through. He can make you feel related to his simple embedded with deep meaning tracks.

Darshan Raval has always managed to hit his music at the right spot. From giving the ultimate Garba night playlist to being compared to Kumar Sanu, he has become a star. Darshan’s song truly hit the right note and so even if the track is a remake, he inevitably sings his songs perfectly to the expectations of the masses.

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The boy is not just blessed with a good voice but is also a great actor, and his dancing moves are par excellence. But not all the tracks always manage to hit home. Some don’t get the fame and fortune it deserves. So here are some of Darshan Raval’s best-underrated tracks that need to be noticed.

It’s Time To Party

Ishq Chada Hai

Jab Tum Chaho

Ave Navratri


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