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Who looks hotter in bodycon outfit between Lisa and Jisoo?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa VS Jisso: Sexiest Babe In Hot Bodycon Outfit

When it comes to the Blackpink girls, both Jisoo and Lisa command a huge fan following on social media. Both of them enjoy fans in millions and every time they drop in a hot photo on social media, their battalion of fans all around the world simply go crazy.

Both Lisa and Jisoo are absolute figure goals and the way they keep themselves fit to look super hot and charming is truly admirable. So readers, take a quick guess. What outfit do you think must be their go-to wear when it comes to flaunting their hot figures? Well, not much of a tough call when it comes to guessing that it’s the sexy bodycon outfits that help them flaunt their hot figures best.

But who looks hotter between the two in a sexy bodycon outfit? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to


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