Which Selena Gomez song would you rate the best from the album Rare? Boyfriend or Lose You To Love Me

Boyfriend Vs Lose You To Love Me: Rate The Best Selena Gomez Song?

Selena Gomez’s latest release, “Boyfriend,” delves into the challenges of dating and the desire for a fulfilling relationship while still valuing independence and self-love. With a catchy house beat and an electro-pop pre-chorus, the song maintains a lighthearted tone while exploring the ups and downs of love. The music video features a unique concept with frogs discussing the outdated idea of finding a prince by kissing a frog. Overall, “Boyfriend” is a relatable and entertaining addition to Selena Gomez’s discography.

another song from the album “Rare” called “Lose You To Love Me” that offers an emotional look into Selena’s state of mind from the previous year. It’s a self-love anthem that explores the process of discovering one’s true self after the difficult experience of losing a lover. This highly catchy and moving ballad deserves a place on everyone’s Empowering Breakup Songs playlist. The song was a commercial success and the music video of Selena looking directly at the camera adds to its impact.gical and are probably on everybody’s repeat playlist, but which song do you like the best among the two? Let us know.