Take a look at Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Lady Gaga's dramatic eye, eyeliner inspiration

In makeup, one of the most important parts that things play in our eyes as they attract everyone gives I am so it should be attractive at the same time drama is the most thing that is eyes should both Ray and so take inspiration from cardi B Roja cat and Lady Gaga for the different romantic eyeliner inspiration.

Doja Cat is one experimenting singer who does not just try new songs but also looks. Dramatize your eyes like Doja Cat with a neon or funky shade of eyeliner and eye shadow for your quirky fashion.

Cardi B is one such singer of Hollywood who is very bold and experimenting. She loves taking on new challenges and showing her different sides with makeup and her songs. You can opt for a drama like her. Apply a thick layer of black shadow and then give sleek edge eyeliner to the eyes so that it looks smokey and bold, which suits Cardi B’s personality.

Last up is Lady Gaga, the singer who has won millions of hearts with her singing. And now she is acing it with her fashion and style. Style your eyes dramatically like Lady Gaga with chic eyeliners. With multiple strokes, she looks stunning in these dramatic eyes.

The three divas always startle us with their amazing fashion sense.

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