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Guess who Darshan Raval's favorite singer is? Read to know the name

Check Out! Darshan Raval’s Favourite Singers

Every artist has a role model that s/he aspires to be or work with. The same way Darshan Raval also has a figure whom he admires. Read below to know who it is.

The hitmaker of Bollywood music industry Darshan Raval has captured millions of fans with his phenomenal voice. His songs have made souls go insane for him. He is the new heartthrob beauty of the music industry with sophisticated sound making his songs stand out more.

Darshan Raval has always been in awe of a particular singer. Himesh Reshammiya is the one who brought Darshan into the music industry. According to Darshan, it was Himesh Reshammiya who pushed and persuaded him to take up music as his career. And so Darshan Raval will always admire him for being the reason for his life-changing events.

Another one that Darshan Raval has always looked up to is AR Rahman. He is in love with AR Rahman’s compositions and always aspired to work alongside side his idol. Darshan Raval is also a fan of Arijit Singh.

Often known as the small-town boy who came as a contestant and took the industry by storm is no other than Darshan Raval. Some of his mention-worthy tracks include Tere Naal, Kamariya, Chogada, and many beautiful songs that are hard to miss.

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