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Time to rate the best dandiya night song given to us by Darshan Raval Chogada or Kamariya

Chogada vs Kamariya: Rate the best Gujarati hit song by Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval has conquered the music industry with that cute face and amazing voice. He has done an incredible job of charming the industry. This Valentine, Darshan has given a perfect fit playlist filled with love songs.

Raval has always come as a surprise whenever he drops a piece of new music. All his songs are amazingly beautiful and soothing. And if ever happened that you get to watch him perform live. Well, let me tell you that he is spectacular. He keeps the show alive till the very last. He is one hell of a performer and is the next big thing in music.

Not just his love songs but two of his Gujarati Dandiya night songs are amazing too. Chogada and Kamariya both the songs will get you all set for the dance.

Chogada is from the movie Loveyratri. The song was released by T-series a year ago and has 338 million views. This is the best song ever made. Recorded in London, this amazing song will surely get you moving whenever it is played.

Kamariya, from the motion picture Mitron is a must for this dandia season. The song is full of energy until the very end and is full of enthusiasm. You will surely love getting on the dance floor and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Which of the two Darshan Raval songs is your favorite? Chogada or Kamariya.

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