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Darshan Raval is a sucker when it comes to dogs. He is an avid dog lover and here’s proof

Darshan Raval is an avid dog lover

Speaking of Darshan Raval, he is a multi-talented singer and composer, lyricist, actor and performer. He is the best singer in the music industry. He just hit the right chord of music but also got many us to skip a beat with his hot looks.

There is nothing far fetched when we talk about the popularity of Darshan Raval. The voice of Darshan Raval can get butterflies in your stomach maybe not butterflies but a whole zoo and this shows how an amazingly talented personality he is.

When asked how Darshan learned guitar it was revealed that it was YouTube through which he learned many trades, and also playing guitar. Also, there is a shocking confession for all his fans. He is an avid lover of dogs and spends quality time with them. Isn’t that super cute?

Here is a video of cute looking Darshan Raval playing with a dog that will make you go ‘aww’ and maybe fall for him even more.

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