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Read some facts about Darshan Raval everyone has to know

Darshan Raval: All The Facts That Every Fan Should Know

Darshan Raval is not just a fantastic singer, but he has been writing song lyrics since his school days. He wrote significant of his songs released today. Also, he is a great music composer.

Darshan Raval has always been a boy full of mischief. And there was a time when he was even expelled from his college for creating some nuisance.

As a kid, Darshan Raval’s father always inspired him to be an IAS officer. But Darshan had different plans. He had a great voice and chose to be a singer.

DipZip was the band in which Darshan Raval was a lead singer. They participated in numerous competitions and have lakhs of followers on Facebook. Because of his fantastic voice, Darshan was the lead vocalist.

Darshan Raval had the hearts of everyone when he was on the show Raw Star. Honey Singh himself claimed Darshan to be the best on his show. For his audition, Darshan made everyone stop when he started singing.

Meri Pehli Mohabbat was Darshan Raval’s first indie song. He gained popularity after the single and Tera Zikr, which got millions of views on YouTube. Now, as well, when there is a Darshan’s track dropped, it receives millions of views.

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh was a track sung by Kumar Sanu. In 2019, Darshan Raval recreated the same magical song. It was a massive success for him and he was also being compared to Kumar Sanu.

A few days back there was a trailer of the song dropped. Another chartbuster track is on its way by Darshan Raval alongside Tulsi Kumar. The name of the track is Tere Naal, and it feels like the record is going to be a hit.

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