A compilation of best tracks by Darshan Raval for your quarantine

Darshan Raval: Here’s Our Quarantine Soundtrack Playlist

There is nothing more but awesomeness to the new beginning with some of the most spectacular music industry voices. And while we try to make sense of the Darshan Raval’s marvel that is happening and conquering the music industry, why not listen to his spectacular songs and just write home about it? His voice feels close to our hearts because it connects like no other.

Within a short period, Darshan Raval certainly has gained and claimed a considerable share of success with his voice. His songs that fall under romantic, heartbreak, and uptempo beats, have been perfectly suited to our every situation. And so his songs always manage to hit home. With his online presence and millions of fans, he has proved you don’t need a go-between to make you famous. In today’s present time, you can upload a video and boom! You are popular and successful because of your talent.

And so enjoy it while you can with these extraordinary songs by Darshan Raval that have won our hearts.

Ek Tarfa

Needa Padadhani

Nazar Sarsari

Rishta Tha


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