Darshan Raval has been a massive star in the music industry. He is the reason why we love Gujarati music

Darshan Raval: The Reason We All Fell In Love With Gujarati Music

Darshan Raval is a popular figure in the music industry. But before receiving immense success, he used to sing in the Gujarati language. He was born in Ahmedabad Gujarat, and so he is a Gujarati chokara. And all credits to his melodious voice, we love to listen to gujju music. Gujju’s blood runs in his veins, and he has delivered smashing hits and performances in Gujarati music.

Darshan Raval not just gave us romantic music and hit the right chord, but he has pulled strings in people’s hearts. Listen to these great tracks by him that will provide you with the vibes and get the gujju out of you.

Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine

Taari Vaato

Tu Ne Hoon

Devesh Ojha

Pehla Varsad

Which among the earlier mentioned ones is your favorite Darshan Raval’s Gujarati song? Don’t you agree on the same that his melodious voice indeed made you fall in love with Gujarati music? Tell us in the comments below.

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