Darshan Raval is a perfect fit for the date night playlist. Here’s proof

These Darshan Raval Romantic Songs Are Perfect On Your First Date

A song can always change your date into an amazing one. But it’s the wrong choice of the song that could also ruin your chances of getting on another one. Music plays a key role in determining the mood for the date. If you choose bad music then the whole romantic mood would go down the drains. Because obviously, no one plays a sad or party or patriotic song on a date night right?

Here are a few of Darshan Raval’s perfect romantic songs that would make the date ten times more amazing and a night to be remembered. Because he is the perfect one we can rely upon without being worried because it is his voice that does all the wonders. It would be a perfect date to remember and obviously might be able to move on to the second level as well.

These are the perfect Darshan Raval love songs to make that date one hell of a night

Pehli Mohabbat

Tu Dua Hai

Sanam Teri Kasam

Pehla Varsad

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