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Best Darshan Raval tracks giving us the ultimate Bollywood playlist

Darshan Raval: The Ultimate Bollywood Songs’ Collection

The rising star of the Bollywood music industry has millions of admirers, Darshan Raval. Began as a contestant made a name for oneself by singing numerous single albums that are mind-blowing. He truly has great potential for becoming a renowned star.

Darshan Raval has a voice that drives us all to go crazy as he has sung for a few Bollywood movies. But the majority of his contribution has been singing and releasing single albums. He is a very talented fellow who not just writes his lyrics but also composes music. Who wouldn’t be crazy for such a talented young soul?

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Some of Darshan Raval’s Bollywood tracks that will give you the ultimate playlist. His songs will add some hit masala to your playlist, and you will love listening to it on loops.



Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh


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