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Who according to you, has a better voice than the other? Darshan Raval or Guru Randhawa

Darshan Raval Vs Guru Randhawa: Which Singer Has The Best Voice?

‘A1 since day one’ is a phrase that describes Darshan Raval better. Wondering why? For his first audition for India’s Raw Star, he made everyone stop and stare at him. Once he started singing, it seemed like the world had stood still. Everyone was just looking at him alone. Began as a contestant made a name for oneself by singing numerous single albums that are mind-blowing. He truly has great potential for becoming a renowned star.

Darshan Raval has a voice that drives us all to go crazy as he has sung for a few Bollywood movies. But the majority of his contribution has been singing and releasing single albums. A few of his hits include Mehrama, Keech Meri Photo, Chogada, and many more.

Guru Randhawa is the one singer whenever it’s his track playing; it gets people on the dance floor. With his voice, his songs are amazing and can get people moving. Guru made a mashup with his Punjabi tadka to Bollywood masala and boom! We got some fantastic tracks to have them danced all night.

Guru Randhawa is a great singer and has also sung some hits with international singers. Some songs that can’t be missed are Daru Wargi, Downtown, Ishq Tera, Ban Ja Rani, and many amazing more, and songs are full of energy.

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