Who among these two is the one who gets the desi, Michael Jackson, out of you and makes you dance like there's no tomorrow? Darshan Raval or Guru Randhawa

Darshan Raval vs Guru Randhawa: Whose songs will make you dance?

Darshan Raval’s singles have been ruling the Indian music charts. His biggest hits like Kamariya, Chogada as well as Tera Zikr have been fan-favorite. His voice is incredible and can get you on the dancefloor and make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. He has got a large number of fan-following and that is evident from the voice he has got. He is a singer who can evoke numerous emotions when listening to him sing. And when it is Darshan Raval one is listening to one cannot help but listen on repeat. And make you dance like no one’s watching.

Guru Randhawa as we know is the Punjabi singer who is the one to have collaborated with Pitbull for his hit Slowly Slowly and was top-rated. He is the one to stand out and make an impression. His unique style of mixing Punjabi masala to Bollywood music is what makes him more famous. And who doesn’t wants to showcase their bhangra moves when it’s Punjabi song on the DJ? Guru has a unique style of letting people go loose and get on the dance-floor. He just enchants people to be themselves and have the best time of their lives.

Tell us a song on the DJ that will make yourself go loose and dance? Darshan Raval or Guru Randhawa.

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