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Darshan Raval’s Celebrity Crush REVEALED!

Chartbuster records of Darshan Raval are something we all can’t have enough of. No matter how many occasions we listen to his melodious voice, it’s just too good and addicting. He is a YouTube star who climbed into Bollywood with his sheer talent and hard work. He was meant to be the successful and well-established star in the town. A kid who made everyone stop and stare during his auditions for India’s Raw Star, today is making thousands dance and go crazy with his albums.

Darshan Raval has captivated everyone with his mesmerizing voice and giving the best of his tracks to the masses. Songs like Tera Zikr, Kamariya, Chogada, Tu Mileya, Bhula Dunga, Asal Mein, and many more are chart-topping hits. A voice that feels like we can relate to and leaves a smile like a goof on our face after listening to his voice.

Many of Darshan Raval’s fans have been dying to know his relationship status. And so to all the single ladies eagerly waiting can shoot their shot because he is available. But from a few reports, we have come to know that Darshan Raval has a celebrity crush, and he is a die-hard fan of her. She is no other than Katrina Kaif!


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