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Some hit tracks by Darshan Raval that we all know are the best

Darshan Raval’s most popular songs on the chart

When it comes to singing, Darshan Raval truly is a pro. He has given some amazing songs and his looks have made everyone go crazy.

Darshan Raval hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. And this Gujarati chokra has made it big into the music industry. He got the media attention on the Indian reality show India’s Raw Star. It was Himesh Reshammiya who inspired him to take up singing as his career as he had an amazing voice.

Darshan Raval’s music is always on the point and has made some hullabaloo. Each of his tracks has been well received and loved by the masses. He has given us many hit numbers that we are sure you might have heard of already…here are a few below.

Mera Dil Dil

Tu Dua Hai

Shab Tum Ho


Tere Siva

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