There is nothing far fetched when we talk about the popularity of Darshan Raval. Here’s some secret on his successful career

Darshan Raval’s secret to success

When talking about Darshan Raval, he is the brightest rising star in the sky of music. In both Bollywood and independent space, he has done an incredible job of making a space for himself. He has been the record holder for the youngest and fastest Indian music sensation to reach one million likes on YouTube.

The young sensation was one of the finalists of India’s Raw Star. And right now his popularity has no exception as he is being offered new projects, and that’s how much in demand he is as of now. His immaculate voice and that beautiful face have been the reason as to why he is so adored and loved by the masses.

Darshan Raval has not only sung romantic songs but also many dinchak dhamaka like Kamariya and Chogada. A dandiya night song for one to groove on. When asked about his college days, he is said to have been thrown out of college for being too mischievous. But looking at him surely his boyish charms have not faded. He is already on it when it comes to wooing the masses with his voice. His songs like Tera Zikr, Tu Mileya, Yaara Teri Yaari and many more have been the reason behind his excellence.


When talking about this young star, surely the sky is the only limit for Darshan Raval right now and there’s no stopping him for going beyond.

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