Relate your present quarantine condition to these perfect Darshan Raval's songs

These Darshan Raval’s Songs You Can Relate During Self-Isolation

There is a massive list of song playlist that you can listen to and feel related. Especially right now when everyone is at quarantine. There are a few tracks that will make you feel like taking a long road trip. This is a hard time going on for everyone. And people are not just suffering physically but also under a lot of mental pressure.

Darshan Raval’s tracks will make you relate to your current situation. Still, there will also be a few of his tracks that will make your plan for some good time post-quarantine after everything gets back to normal. It will be like a small break where you can just go on a trip or visit all the restaurants that you have planned on visiting.

Quarantine has become not just a huge deal but also affecting many mentally. So take a break from the lockdown tassel and listen to these Darshan Raval’s songs that will make your day better. Maybe the lyrics of these tracks will make you relate to your current situation.

Darshan Raval has a great voice, and his songs are perfect for your mood.

Dil Mera Blast

Kaash Aisa Hota

Yaara Teri Yaari

Asal Mein

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