Make your beau fall in love with you with these fantastic Darshan Raval's hits

Darshan Raval’s Songs to Impress Your Beloved

Though nowadays, it is easy to gain fame through social media, finding real talent is difficult. We have some budding singers trying to make it up and earn name and recognition, but surely it is the real talent that makes up and impresses the heart of masses. And one such voice to have been not just blessed with an incredible voice but also is surely gifted with one is Darshan Raval.

After participating in a contest, Darshan Raval proved his uniqueness and talent that he possessed. But it took several failures and countless hours to become the voice that is loved by the nation. A voice that has crossed more than 100 million views is the heartthrob of the country.

Suppose you are looking for some good songs that you can use to dedicate to your beau or try to impress them or make it up to them, then Darshan Raval’s playlist mentioned below is a perfect choice.

Saari Ki Saari

Tu Dua Hai

Ishq Chadha Hai

Tere Siva

Tu Mileya

Dil Mera Blast

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