Darshan Raval songs will make you lose your mind

Darshan Raval’s Songs That Make You Forget Everything

Darshan Raval has made quite a huge mark in the music industry. He has become a popular household name not just for his songs but for his charms as well. To add some brownie points, he is more irresistible knowing that he is an avid dog lover. Crushing hard already?

If you ever listen to Darshan Raval sing, it is quite evident that he puts his whole heart and soul into it. He takes a lot of effort into delivering the perfect song that would reach the hearts of every single fan. And so here are a few of his tracks that will make you forget everything and just enjoy his enduring voice.

Asal Mein


Tu Mileya

Main Woh Chaand

Jab Tum Chaho

Truly Darshan Raval is a work of art. His songs have to be felt to understand the essence and richness embedded into it.

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