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Darshan Raval is the one to make you fall in love with music. His voice is too good to resist

Darshan Raval’s Most Streamed Songs

Darshan Raval and his versatile singing have become the talk of the town. This Gujju boy has our hearts with his versatility in the voice. He is an amazing singer who will make you fall in love with music

Darshan Raval is all set to take over the music industry with his boyish charms and unique vocals. Not every singer has it in them to give us a perfect love-filled song that will get us dreaming of painting the town red.

Here are a few of Darshan Raval’s most streamed songs that we all love…

1. Tera Zikr

2. Chogada

3. Kamariya

4. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh

5. Baarish

6. Asal Mein

Let me tell you these songs have the most views and love from Darshan Raval fans. This is what proves he is the next blast that the music industry will ever have. For more Darshan Raval updates, stay tuned in to iwmbuzz.com

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