Darshan Raval's tracks that made him a prominent successful singer

Darshan Raval’s Most Successful Songs List

The one voice to hit on the right spot is not other than Darshan Raval. Not just the majority of his heartbreak but also romantic and high peppy numbers are a significant hit. He indeed has raised the expectations of masses with his beautiful voice.

Darshan Raval is always challenging himself and pushing oneself to break his record. He is continually updated with the expectations of his fans and will never disappoint them. He tries a variety of shades while singing and is regularly in the plan of bringing something new to his songs.

Darshan Raval will never disappoint his fans. He is not just a great singer, but also his dance moves are par excellence. He was also being compared to Kumar Sanu for one of his compositions. He has not been only good with his voice but even he has given significant style inspo as well as travel.

Even during the lockdown, Darshan came up with an interesting show “Dil Beats” that premiered on MTV Beats. It had Darshan present true lockdown love stories and discuss how couples are trying their best to keep their love alive and exciting even during the current crisis times.

Also, to spread hope and lift people’s spirits during the unprecedented coronavirus lockdown, Darshan collaborated with Tulsi Kumar to come up with a brand new single titled ‘Tere Naal’. Isn’t that amazing?

Here are some of the most successful tracks by Darshan Raval for you to enjoy and listen to.

Tere Naal

Tera Zikr

Asal Mein

Bhula Dunga


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