Listen to these addicting songs by Darshan Raval on loop

Darshan Raval’s YouTube Songs We Are Listening On Repeat

Lately, Darshan Raval has been growing and changing the way people look at music. He has become popular through YouTube and not with the help of Bollywood and some Godfather to have his back. He is the star of the music industry and an inspiration for all the new budding artists who are yet to try their shot.

There is no surprise why his fans and admirers call themselves Darshaners. He is a phenomenal singer and has attained growth and success all by himself with hard work and a lot of sacrifices. Today if he is the name that is seen on every playlist, then it is no surprise because his mellifluous voice certainly deserves success. The lad who made every head turn and enchanted with his voice has millions of fans following him on every social media page.

Though Darshan Raval is a name that belongs to the growing tribe of the music industry; he has established his reputation to be the nation’s next voice. These songs by him are pure and fun to listen to on loops without any guilt.

Coz, I Miss You

Asal Mein

Hawa Banke

Bhula Dunga

Dil Mera Blast

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