BlackPink, the famous South Korean girl band, has now risen to be the leading female K-Pop sensation in the world. One of the members Lisa is considered as one of the top artists. Lisa has done wonders in the industry, undoubtedly.

As per reports in Korea Boo, not many know but Lisa is a fan of Squid Games. During her trip to America, Lisa visited the Zach Sang Show, she was asked about her thoughts on Squid Game after talking about her iconic Younghee Halloween outfit. Like most of the world, she seems as obsessed with the K-Drama as everyone else.

After the show was first released, TikTok became flooded with videos and edits from the show. In particular, many used Lisa’s track “Money” as the backing track, and it was no surprise that a song was the perfect background music for such a badass show. She said, “I saw some viral videos on TikTok about Squid Game and ‘Money.’ I was like, ‘Yay, thank you!’”

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