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Justin Bieber is about to start the 'Next Chapter' of his life. Here's what all his fans need to know

Everything You Should Know About Justin Bieber’s ‘Next Chapter’

Justin Bieber, a boy who was once one of the most disliked singers and received numerous hate comments, is today one of the top singers in the music industry. He has climbed the ladder of success and fame. A boy who began his journey as a ‘Baby’, certain things have ‘Changed’ for him with his hard work and perseverance. He is happy, inspired, and ready to share his story with his family and fans.

On Friday, 23rd October, Justin Bieber announced that there would be an upcoming documentary on his life. He named the YouTube Original documentary Next Chapter. In it, he gave details on what the fans should expect. He will be giving us a closer look at his life and his journey, quarantine life, and relationship with God.

Justin Bieber recently released his new song Holy and Lonely, where he tells the tale of how he came closer to God, and in the later, he shared with the masses how he had everything one could ever fantasize of yet felt like he’s lost and lonely. Here is what Justin Bieber has to say about his ‘Next Chapter.’

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