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Crazy fan moment. The time when Guru Randhawa was attacked in Vancouver

When Guru Randhawa Got Attacked By A Man In Vancouver!

Guru Randhawa is one of the most widespread and loved singers. He is praised for his Punjabi music like Suit Suit, High Rated Gabru, and many more. But when there is fame, something or the other is bound to happen. Especially when you get attacked by a fan or someone crazy who thinks it’s fun. The same happened to Guru Randhawa. Read below for more juice.

Guru Randhawa was on a Concert tour and was in Vancouver when this incident took place. When the show was on, one of the audience attacked him, and Guru had four stitches on his forehead. He conveyed through his gram to share about the mishap. Though he was safe, this incident is to stay with Guru for his life.

When the concert was on, one man insisted on going on the stage, but he was stopped. The man even picked fights backstage but was not allowed to get on the scene. As Guru Randhawa was done with his performance, the guy came back and punched Guru Randhawa. The man fled the spot after the assault took place. Guru took to his social media page to inform his fans about the mishap and let them know that he was alright and there was nothing to worry about.

When asked in an interview about the incident, all Guru Randhawa has to say was positive words to the man. This act shows how humble and gentle Guru is. He wished for the man to realize what is right and wrong. And may he be happy.

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