Let Guru Randhawa's tracks entertain you with some of his hit tracks while isolating

Guru Randhawa’s Best Albums To Listen To While You Self-Isolate

It has been weeks since all have been in-home quarantine and everyone is getting bored. Because there is nothing much to do, which is leading to a lot of stress. And we all are wishing for our old-time routine to be back. A healthy everyday life.

When you are happy, you should sing! It is the best remedy to fight the boredom and irritation that we all are experiencing due to quarantine. Every day is a new day, and there is no good time to be smiling and happy than right now.

Let these high vein pumping records show you how to dance and have a good time pretending to be comfortable and high

Ishq Tera

Ishare Tere

Daru Wargi

Lahore Di

Ban Ja Rani

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