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Guru Randhawa has made a big smash worldwide with his amazing hits. Here are a few ones that one needs to add to their playlist

Guru Randhawa’s Top 10 Biggest Hits Worldwide

Guru Randhawa, the ultimate high rated guru of the party playlist has given us some amazing songs to make some moves on.

Mixing Punjabi music to Bollywood songs Guru Randhawa has made himself people’s favorite. His songs are the ones we can sing (knowing that we are singing it all wrong) and pretend to have a concert with an audience. Fun and groovy music are all that we need to get the mood right.

Not just Guru Randhawa has sung party bash but also a few beautiful romantic ballads and he can be the fun-loving guy in one song and all mushy pea in another romantic one. The guy is cheesy and classy. His songs do the talking and can never be wrong. Here are a few of Guru Randhawa’s tracks that have won the hearts of millions of fans not just across nation but have managed to collect worldwide fans.

Lagdi Lahore Di

Suit Suit

Enni Soni

Kaun Nachdi

Ishare Tere

Raat Kamaal


Tere Te

Morni Banke


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