Some of the best tracks by Darshan Raval for your moody day

Happy, Sad, Relaxed: Check Out Darshan Raval’s Songs For Mood-Based Playlist

The one to have a charming face and delightful voice, Darshan Raval has become a new rising star in the music industry. His voice has made everyone swoon over him. Making considerable progress in the industry within a short period is truly remarkable. He has been up to the expectations and what his fans like to listen to. From sad to romantic, he has sung a song for your every mood.

Darshan Raval, with his spectacular tracks, manages to leave everyone speechless. A voice that can take you into a rollercoaster of emotions. He has captured the hearts of the spectators and manages to get the crowd all excited. A very energetic and enthusiastic voice can get you to go crazy for him and dance on his tracks like there’s no tomorrow.

Darshan Raval’s songs will keep you company if you are confused about how you are feeling or going up and downhill with emotions. They would not just fit your current lousy or overly excited mood but also keep your mind engaged and occupied.

Pehli Mohabbat

Tera Zikr

Hawa Banke

Do Din

Tu Mileya


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