Check out these amazing acoustic songs by Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez’s Greatest Acoustic Songs Ever!

Acoustic songs are really calming and are enjoyed by many music fans. Especially when someone talks about acoustic songs, artists like Ed Sheeran and Boyce Avenue are always named. Even Jennifer Lopez is one of the singers, who has been seen releasing some acoustic songs. Apart from dropping some dance hits in the market, she has also released some soothing acoustic songs. Here are some of them!

  1. If You Had My Love (1999)
  2. Play (2001)
  3. I’m Into You (2011)
  4. Ain’t Your Mama (2016)
  5. Alive (2001)
  6. No me ames (1999)
  7. Baby I Love U (2002)
  8. Amor, Amor, Amor (2017)
  9. Until It Beats No More (2011)
  10. Ain’t It Funny (2016)