Who has a more melodious voice: Justin Bieber or Alan Walker?

Justin Bieber Vs Alan Walker: Whose Voice Is More Melodious?

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop singer has made it to Hollywood’s top music artists list. From Baby (2009) to Intentions (2020), he has released one after another hit songs. His albums like Purpose (2015) and Changes (2020), were a big hit. Justin Bieber is regarded as one of the best music selling artists in the industry. He has made everyone move along with his songs. Justin has never failed to amaze us with his songs. His recent album ‘Changes’ (2020) is one of the top hits of the year. He has made everyone crazy with his melody.

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Whereas, the Norwegian DJ from England, Alan Walker has won the hearts of many people with some amazing music. He got huge fame after he dropped Faded (2015). After that, he released more songs like The Spectre (2017), Lily (2018), Darkside (2017), Sing Me To Sleep (2016), On My Way (2019), and many more. Alan’s smooth drops have impressed his fans and got him recognition all over the globe. Alan Walker is one of the self-made DJs who came from a non-musical background and learned music from the YouTube videos. He has featured several vocalists in his songs – both credited and uncredited. He has always helped to make the songs sound harmonious with some proper beats.

Both the music artists have got a bunch of amazing masterpieces in their list. It’s hard to decide who has a more melodious voice when both of them are equally great. Is it Justin Bieber or Alan Walker?

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