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Justin Bieber Vs. Elton John: Who Is The Real Pop King?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who debuted in 2009 singing My World. The song was a significant hit, and he became the first artist to have the whole of his debut in the Billboard Hot 100. He was a teen icon and has sung numerous songs since then, a box office success selling over 150 million copies worldwide.

Justin Bieber, after releasing another album in 2010, My World 2.0, which also included Baby that was a significant hit. He became one of the youngest solo artists to top the Billboard chart in 47 years. Since then, he has released numerous chartbusters including Let Me Love You, Yummy, Cold Water, and more.

Sir Elton John the English singer, songwriter, pianist and more is one of the best selling artists who has sold over 300 million records. When he sung Candles in the Wind as a tribute to Princess Diana, the album sold 33 million copies. It became the worldwide most selling album in the U.K., and U.S. He is the top-ranking artist in the music industry with an immense contribution that is considered immortal and evergreen.

Elton John has been not just an influential figure in the world of music but also an inspiration for the LGBT community. He has worked for the community and is also involved in the fight against AIDS. Not to forget his foundation for the same. He is one of the greatest legends in the music world.

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