Check out the two Canadian singers, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, and see how they inspired many with both their voices and deeds!

Justin Bieber Vs Shawn Mendes: Who Inspires You More?

There are many Hollywood stars, especially singers who have inspired their fans not only with their songs and their lyrics but also with their deeds. They have influenced and motivated many people. The Canadian singers, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are two of them.

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop singer has got a number of hit albums from Purpose (2015) to Changes (2020). He has entertained and encouraged his fans with his songs. Although the young pop and hip-hop star has been stuck in several controversies, he has always proved himself with his talent and success achieved. Justin has also done many charity works and has also donated some sum to several organizations. His song, ‘Intentions’ (2020) featuring Quavo, from his album, ‘Changes’ raised over $10,000 in 3 days, which he donated for the cause of providing shelters to the homeless women. Recently, his song ‘Stuck With U’ (2020) with Ariana Grande raised funds for the children of frontline workers whose jobs have been affected due to the pandemic. Overall, few of Justin’s song lyrics have truly been inspirational.

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Whereas, Shawn Mendes, another popular Canadian pop singer, has been an inspiration for many. He has not only released several hit songs, and won the hearts of the people, but also helped many humans with his charity deeds. Shawn has also got his own Shawn Mendes Foundation in 2019 August with the aim to “Inspire. Empower. Act.” Shawn has also reached out to many suppressed and helped many of his fans by voicing them. His songs ‘Youth’ (2018) which featured Khalid, helped many youths to voice them. They brought some of the talented youths like dancers, activists, policy debaters, wrestlers, rappers, and many more together in the video and showcased their power to the world through the song. Shawn has also worked for many other charity deeds like for the LGBTQ community, the Black community, people affected due to the pandemic, and many more. Shawn’s songs are really inspirational for many, and so are his deeds.

Who is more inspirational according to you, between Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes? Comment down below!

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