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Let’s understand the obsession Karan Johar has with 'High School'. Read to know more below

Here are Karan Johar and his obsession with high school

What could be more cliché than having a high school romance with some bad guy or an inter-school competition? Well did I just describe the skeleton of Karan Johar’s movies? Yes, you got it right. That’s what his basic storylines have been revolving around. Don’t believe us yet? Take a look.

The Dharma production has some kind of obsession over having a movie that has a high school rich spoiled brats and one of their friends who is a scholarship student as s/he belongs to ‘poor-middle’ class family. And then some competition between two schools and we have those rich kids suddenly becoming all responsible and boom… I just told you an entire movie with few words.

Guilty, the 2020 film that was made taking into consideration the #metoo movement and how it impacted society as a whole. They did try their best to make the plot as much as they could taking into account other social differences women had to go through. But it could let go of its story revolving around ‘college’.

The Student of the Year and it’s part two as well. I don’t need to tell much about it. The whole movie plot is just revolving around the school with all the cliché you could think of.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham couldn’t help but also have a little scene with colleges and schools. Another honorable mention is the iconic movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. A few more that deserve mention are 2 States, Wake Up Sid, and many amazing more.

Well, KJo has made high school scenes kind of trademarks for his movies. And it’s not hard to admit the fact that we all secretly love those as well! A cookie we all can’t resist.

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