Did you know Lata Mangeshkar sang a song for Sachin Tendulkar? Yes here’s why

When Lata Mangeshkar sings for Sachin Tendulkar

She has been given all the highest awards in India and she is no other than Lata Mangeshkar. She is one respected legend we all love to listen to the singing. She is a fan of cricket and also has a special connection with one of the players. She showed her love for the sport and sung for Sachin Tendulkar congratulating him.

The Nightingale of India also regarded as The Daughter of Nation and many other names she has a special bond with the cricket master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Lata Mangeshkar is like a mother to him and Lata did regard him as a son. He is also a huge fan of her songs and so when requested by him she sang a song for him.

Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega was the song she sang for Sachin Tendulkar for congratulating him for his 100 centuries as well-wishing his prosperity and success that he might score 900 more. Here’s a video for you to watch.

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