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Add these melodies by Darshan Raval to your playlist

Latest Darshan Raval’s Songs To Add In Your Collection

Darshan Raval has been on fire with his recent amazing hit track. If you are falling back, then catch up! Add these fantastic songs sung by Darshan on your playlist if you have a lot to catch up on.

Darshan Raval came into the industry like a roaring storm. The hit song that brought him immense fame and support was Tera Zikr. And if you still are not familiar with the name, indeed, you have been living under the rocks. He is a very unusual and versatile singer. His voice will make him the most breakthrough singer in the music industry. Also, the sound that would start a new chapter in the industry.

Actor, singer, songwriter, and much more sure he is a bag full of everything a musician would need. Darshan Raval is very humble and continuously changes his range to suit his fans’ expectations and give them tracks to be remembered.

If you haven’t updated your playlist yet, here are some new smashing songs by Darshan Raval that you need to add.

Ek Tarafa

Coz, I Miss You

Tere Naal


Tu Mileya

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