Who else could it be but Darshan Raval to make the best of our stay-at-home time?

Let’s make this quarantine craziest with Darshan Raval’s Songs

As normal has come to halt and right now we all are in quarantine mood let’s turn to our music and let it do the cheering part for us and forget the reality for a couple of hours. Yay?

Well, we all always wake up in the morning hoping for a piece of better news but well there’s no shortage of bad news. So here we have a few upbeat songs by Darshan Raval that will help us get through the day. Let’s listen to them on loud (well as much as our families allow).

Asal Mein,

Bhula Dunga,

Hawa Banke,



To help you keep motivated we knew Darshan Raval would do the perfect part with his voice. Because music could be therapeutic in times like these and when it’s Darshan Raval there’s no wonder because he always works out to be the best one.

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