From being a contestant to seeping into the hearts of millions, Darshan Raval has come a long way

Listen 10 best Darshan Raval’s songs, from ‘Tere Siva’ to ‘Mehrama’

The one charming guy to have impressed us not just with those looks but a heavy sexy voice that would be Darsha Raval. He has been the people’s perfect favorite and is redefining music with such a great voice that he has.

Darshan Raval started his career as a contestant at a television show and as per his claims, it was Himesh Reshammiya who asked him to pursue music as a career. And well that turned out really very great thanks for such a wonderful gift of Darshan Raval to the music industry just because Himesh Reshammiya pushed him to.

From singing and being known as the most amazing singer for songs like Tere Siva to Mehrama, truly Darshan Raval has accomplished a huge success in the music industry. So here are a few best of his songs we all need to listen

Tere Siva

Ye Baarish


Bhula Diya

Pehli Mohabbat

Baarish Lete Aana

Shab Tum Ho


Rishta Tha

Nazar Sarsari

Aa Jaana


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