Top 5 hits from Darshan Raval that he had sung and are hard to miss and we can’t get enough of

Listen to This: 5 Darshan Raval’s Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

The guy filled with energy and enthusiasm and gets that effortlessly to his songs is no other than Darshan Raval. With his voice and his face are already working the wonders.

Darshan Raval has a great voice when it is him and romance song or to say be it any song he just rocks it. He is the romance king of the industry. Always so full of energy and lively pull anyone and everyone towards him unknowingly.

The current heartthrob Darshan Raval has always come as a surprise whenever he drops a piece of new music. All his songs are amazingly beautiful and soothing. And so here are best 5 of his new tracks that we all need to hear

Asal Mein

Ishq Chadha Hai

Tere Siva


Tera Zikr

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