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Some smacking tracks by Darshan Raval your girl will never get enough of

LISTEN To These Darshan Raval’s Songs That Your Girl Will Never Get Tired Of

Darshan Raval has stuck the right chord with his music. He is always up to date with his tracks. He knows how to keep up with the expectation of the masses and surprise them with some good tracks. He is not just an excellent singer, but he has been writing song lyrics since his school days.

During his college days, he participated in numerous competitions. He was also a part of the DipZip band as a lead vocalist. So if you want to dedicate some tracks for your girl and are looking for those, then you have come to the right place.

Here are some beautiful and incredible tracks by Darshan Raval that will stir up some feels for your lady. You can dedicate these songs to express your feelings and make her realize how much you love her. Because Darshan Raval knows the right words and he can sing perfectly fine to match the vibe.

Tere Naal/


Saari Ki Saari 2.0

Hawa Banke

Asal Mein

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